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Rexburg US Welding Supply has an extensive line of medical and welding gases. Please call if you have questions. Proud distributer of Air Gas and US Welding.


Rexburg US Welding has long been a premier supplier of pure oxygen and bulk storage equipment to medical facilities.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is used as an analgesic, often in combination with other agents for the production of anesthesia. Nitrous oxide is also used in cryosurgery.


Medical air is used in respiratory therapy and humidity treatments using nebulizers.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is used for close-to-physiologic atmospheres for the operation of artificial organs and in cryosurgery with insufflators during lapriscopic surgery. Carbon dioxide is also used as a component in a mixture of oxygen or air as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing.

Laboratory Gases

  • Acetylene
  • Argon
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Helium
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • C25: 75% Argon, 25% Carbon Monoxide


Nitrogen is used as a component in many gas mixtures and as a displacement medium for sterile equipment. It is also used as a non-oxidizing displacement medium in pharmaceutical vials and as a propellant in pressurized aerosol type dispensers. Nitrogen provides a source of pneumatic pressure to power gas-operated medical devices and as a coolant for carbon dioxide surgical lasers.

Nitrogen is also used to freeze and preserve blood, tissue, semen and other biological specimens and to freeze and destroy diseased tissue in cryosurgery and dermatology. It may also be used to pre-cool or insulate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines which conserves helium.